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My lips have always been on the thin side and for years I have dreamed of one day having some pouty lips. Last week I took the plunge and had some dermal filler inserted in my lips. I wanted to have a pout but I also wanted it to look as natural as possible and so chose The Smile Clinique Perth for my treatment. You can find their website at with http://thesmileclinique.com.au/  Their waiting room is like no other dentist and you are made to feel at home and very welcomed.

For my treatment I had Dr Sarah Varma who is the principal dentist and creator of The Smile Clinique Perth. With over 8 years of dental experience I felt very comfortable in her hands. Being a dentist also means that you get a local anesthetic injected (like having a filling) as opposed to topical numbing cream used by other clinics. This meant I didn't feel a thing and got to relax back and watch Netflix. The numbing didn't last too much longer after I left so I could go about my day unaffected.

For my first visit I got 0.75ml of filler inserted. They did swell and bruise a little but it was nothing that some concealer couldn't cover. I had a fundraising night to go to the following day and people just assumed I had drunk a little too much red wine or that I had a cold sore. I recommend having them done on a Friday so that if any of this does happen you can hide away for the weekend. By Monday morning they were pretty much back to normal. I used some herbal tablets call Traumeel (from the chemist) which among other things have Arnica in them which is know to help bruising and swelling. I noticed a huge reduction of swelling and bruising when I started using them the 2nd day.

I will be going back next week to have a top up appointment to make sure my lips are perfect and to make them a little bigger. The Smile Clinique recommend coming back 2 weeks post-treatment to make sure the treatment is just like you want it and for any top up's if needed. Not having the whole lot inserted on the first appointment also allows your lips to adjust with being a little bigger and stretched so they don't dry out and crack too much also. I will be sure to give you an update on how they look once completely finished.

My experience from start to finish has been nothing but professional and reassuring. Going in I was a little nervous as to how much they would swell and bruise and that they weren't going to look exactly like I had dreamed they would, but I couldn't be happier with how they have turned out so far. The treatment from start to finish didn't hurt one bit and the team answered all of my questions and made sure I was completely happy prior to starting. If you are thinking of having something like this done I can HIGHLY recommend The Smile Clinique. 

Please feel free to leave any questions you may have or if you would like to keep it discreet you are more than welcome to email me at info@cinquecandleco.com for more information.

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