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Behind the filters and "perfectly" organised Instagram posts lies a regular wife and Mum of three who just happens to be an entrepreneur who turned her love of candles from a hobby into a full time job.  Our house is a crazy juxtaposition of routine, order and organisation and noise, chaos and MESS!! It is full of laughs, jokes, music, arguments, tears and everything in between, but our home is always full of LOVE. Love makes the world go round and helps you get through the tough times.

I have decided to start a little blog to go behind the scenes of what happens in my life, not only as the Owner at Cinque Candle Co. but also as a friend, daughter, sister, wife and a Mumma to three. Which at times I totally suck at, but I think that is what life is all about...failing, making mistakes and learning how next time you can do things smarter and better.

This week has seen me thrown back into heavy candle pouring mode. On top of my online orders, I have 2 weddings to pour for, with 200 candles to pour, a large corporate gift order of 100 to pour, gift box and ribbon as well as a stockist order of 185 (in mixed sizes and custom fragrances) to pour ready for Secrets in the Garden early next month. Thankfully my youngest has started at Kindy this year which means I get 2 days every week to myself. I'm not going to lie...it is heaven. I love my kids but gosh do I love silence, facials and being able to work from home guilt free, knowing that my son is not spending too many hours amusing himself whilst I'm in my office working. Earlier this week he covered and I mean COVERED himself in a notebook of stamps! This picture is the G rated version.


Sam amusing himself with a notepad of stamps!

With such large quantities to pour I always do things in stages to make sure each step is done perfectly. It also makes it easier to get all of my jobs done around the house. After running myself down so much last year and needing to go on antibiotics 3 times in 6 months, this year is all about health and taking time out for myself even if it is a quick walk around the block first thing in the morning or after dinner at night. I find I come back so much happier and refreshed. I have also taken up yoga again which I find so good not only physically but mentally and spiritually too...it is kind of like going to Church for me.

What do you like to do to relax?



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  • Jo on

    Hey Elisa,
    As a fellow candle maker I love burning candles and doing yoga at the same time soooo relaxing. I’ve also started doing yin yoga have you tried it? Well be warned it is so relaxing you may fall asleep while doing it! Just wanted to say I love your instagram feed. Thanks for the inspiration Jo

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